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This book describes and illustrates all the fighter aircraft used by the Swedish armed forces from the mid-‘20s until the end of the piston-engine era. These include indigenous designs, plus the various American, Italian and British fighters used at various times. Camouflage and marking schemes used on these aircraft are covered in detail, illustrated with many photos including rare wartime colour pictures.


Full colour profiles of all the aircraft types.


Essential reading for aircraft enthusiasts and modellers!



9 Panzer Division 1940-1943................with Kameleon's artwork !!

Authors: Marek Kruk Radosław Szewczyk


Latest book in the the acclaimed MMP Green Serie is the volume on 9. Panzer-Division. The units was formed in January 1940 from 4. Leichte-Division. It took part in the campaign in the west, fighting in the Netherlands, Belgium and finally France before being transferred to Poland in September 1940. Later it took part in the campaign in the Balkans before fighting on the southern sector during the invasion of the USSR. It then transferred to the central sector in October 1941 and took part in the summer offensive of 1942 and later in the fighting at Kursk. Subsequently the unit transferred to the southern sector in the fall of 1943 and took part in the fighting at the Dnieper where it suffered heavy losses.

This lavishly illustrated book tells the story of this unit and its operations. Many previously unpublished photos are included, plus maps of the operational areas. Essential reading for armour enthusiasts and WW2 military enthusiasts and modelers.


be pz iii ausf e - 1943-s

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pz iv ausf d - 1940s